Scientific Data in Subproject C4


General information about the scientific data of TP-C4

The data show some example of the project TP-C4 which is about the experimental investigation of a drop impact onto a hot surface under elevated pressures. More information about the setup can be found in the following publications:




Experimental setup adn results

The main focus of this experimental study is the characterization of the outcome of the interaction between a drop and a hot surface. The drop impact phenomena have been experimentally observed and characterized for different impact conditions. Various hydrodynamic regimes at different wall temperatures and impact parameters were identified. The maps of the hydrodynamic regimes are quantified and modelled; contact time has been measured and modelled.

The stored data show representatively a few results of the experimental work (as raw camera data). The data should give an overview of the various impact regimes detected during the experiments. Each regime is triggered due to the different hydrodynamic and thermodynamic mechanisms.

The raw camera data can be viewed with the freeware software CineViewer (Download: Each raw camera data also consist of the main camera settings of the respective experiment. The conditions of drop impact for the different data can be seen in the table:


Surface temperature

Impact velocity

Drop diameter



1.19 m/s

2.2 mm



0.71 m/s

2.2 mm



1.71 m/s

2.2 mm



0.71 m/s

2.2 mm



If you have an account the raw data can be downloaded here.