Scientific Data in Subproject A5


General Information on the Datasets

The data are part of the numerical investigation of project A5 on the electrically induced detachment of low conductivity droplets from the tip of a wettable capillary. The numerical setup corresponds to the electrically driven droplet generator used by subproject B2 in investigating droplet injection in nitrogen.
The data illustrate the dynamics of on-demand detachment of single low-conductivity droplets, for which the application of electric fields cannot be described as a decrease of the effective surface tension.

Material properties


Dynamic viscosity    2.395 x 10-4 N s m-2
Density    626.2 kg m-3
Conductivity    2 x 10-12 S m-1
Relative permittivity    1.844


Nitrogen (N_2)

Dynamic viscosity    2.173 x 10-5 N s m-2
Density    1.251 kg m-3
Conductivity    5 x 10-15 S m-1
Relative permittivity    1.000538


Surface Tension          1.56e-2 N m-1

Numerical setup

The simulations are performed assuming axisymmetry, on a 5° wedge domain. The initial conditions are extracted from the simulation of the filling of the n-pentane droplet in the absence of electric fields. The mass flow is specified as 6g h-1. The voltage profile is applied by mapping the rotationally averaged voltage of the actual generator to the Dirichlet boundary.

More information on the setup is available in the following publication:

Data visualization

The data is included as .vtk files in binary format. Each file is named after the corresponding time instant, from the start of the detachment procedure.


If you have an account the raw data can be downloaded here.