Interactive visualization of droplet dynamic processes


The long term goal of this project is the development of new and improved algorithms and methods that allow for interactive visualization of large, time-dependent simulation and experimental data in the context of droplet dynamic processes. During the second funding period we focus on the development of new methods for the analysis of single droplets and droplet groups in the presence of electric fields, as well as for the analysis of phase transitions and transport of energy. Additionally, a foundation should be laid for the investigation of sprays, where the challenge lies in the enormous amount of droplets. Specialized techniques for drop impingement and molecular dynamics simulations complete this project.

Numerical flow visualization is the computer-based equivalent to experimental flow visualization. Initially, experimental procedures were modelled and thus their virtual counterparts were made available for the simulation data. Today, a lot of the visualization methods exceed such a modelling - many of the techniques used today cannot be realized experimentally or only with great difficulties. Great advantages of numerical visualizations are the fact that the costly experimental setups are not needed and that visual analyses do not affect the flow. Despite substantial progress in the field of computational flow visualization, more elaborate visualization techniques are still required to handle both the ever-increasing complexity of simulation and experimental data, and the more sophisticated physical phenomena being investigated. Particularly, new visual tools are necessary for the analysis of large droplet groups and sprays, as well as for the various physical phenomena investigated in SFB-TRR 75.

Building on the developed methods for the analysis of the electric fields on the droplet interface and the drop dynamics, visualization techniques for time-dependent interaction of fluid, charges and electric fields should be developed. The visualization of phase transitions constitutes an essential research area within SFB-TRR 75. Processes such as evaporation and icing, and the interplay between the processes and gas flow should be analyzed, with further extension to the context of drop impingement. Additionally, the method for the visualization of piecewise linear interface calculation, developed in the first funding period, should be examined in terms of its applicability to the simulation. The visual analysis of energy transport is related to the visualization of the phase transitions, also in the context of the three-phase contact line. For the investigation of the prevalent phenomena present during the droplet impingement, visualization methods should be researched, including the methods for energy transport. The visualization of space-time structure of sprays, visualization of molecular dynamics simulations, and the combination of the techniques developed in this funding period complete this project.


Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Thomas Ertl

Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Thomas Ertl

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Moritz Heinemann, M.Sc.
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