Modeling and simulation of droplet evaporation in different gas environments under supercritical conditions


Apl. Prof. Dr. habil. Amsini Sadiki
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The global objective of this subproject of the Transregio is to develop models and methods for the description of droplets and collectives of drops in external gas environments under transcritical and supercritical conditions. Therefore it is necessary to use thermodynamically consistent modeling methods to describe evaporating droplets. One uses adjusted parts of models of the gas flow and the drop-evaporation with an Euler-Euler or Euler-Lagrange method.

Investigations in the first period will focus on single drops, which are described by direct numerical simulations, in coordination with other subprojects. Emphasis is put on the development of a multiple regime model at undercritical, transcritical and supercritical conditions that allows correct predictions of the droplet evaporation behavior. The gas-phase and droplet model is validated using existing data from the literature and in addition with help of detailed experimental data from the TP-B2.

The resulting multiple regime evaporation model will be applied in future periods in the frame of LES sprays calculations. At first the proposed models and methods are developed by using the CFD code OpenFOAM. Subsequently they are validated and later integrated into the code of the in-house code FS3D.



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