Numerical simulation of the transport processes during drop impingement onto heated walls with special consideration of the evaporating three-phase contact line


When a liquid droplet impinges on a hot wall, the fluid dynamic and thermodynamic processes in the vicinity of the contact line play a significant role. The contact line defines the boundary between liquid, gas and wall. If the fluid approaches the critical state, the standard concept of an infinitely thin phase boundary between liquid and vapor is no longer valid. Therefore the modeling of the physical processes has to be optimized for the changed conditions.

The goal of the proposed project is to develop a comprehensive theoretical and numerical description of the dynamic processes occurring at a vaporizing contact line occurring during droplet impact. The local nano- and micro-phenomena have to be implemented in the VOF-Code (Volume Of Fluid) so that a drop impact can be simulated on a hot, dry or wetted surface. In particular the procedure of spreading, coalescence and disintegration of the film have to be modeled in physically correct way.

The existing model for the transport processes in the region of the contact line has to be extended in way that both the relative movement between the heating wall and the contact line as well as the not fully wetted systems can be considered. An essential element of the nano and micro Models near the line of contact is the concept of the adhesion pressure, where until now a relatively rudimentary approach is used the form of  ∆p-3.

As part of the proposed project the existing concepts are to be extended in a way that allows to map the physical processes with enhanced realism. Particularly for evaporation processes close to the critical point it is assumed that the rudimentary approach describes the real processes inadequately, since the fluid phase boundary has to be described as a volume instead of a surface.

With this in mind the non local diffuse interface theory proves to be well suited for these conditions. The model for describing the processes in nano / micro-region is to be parametrized and then implemented to the VOF-Code. This can either be done in tabular form or in the form of correlations which take the saturation conditions, the overheating and the contact line speed into account.

The developed model will be used to simulate the dynamic heat- and mass transfer processes occurring during a droplet impact onto a hot wall with a not yet achieved accuracy. Initially the drop spreading dynamics and the temporal evolution of the contact angle will be investigated, and the results are then to be validated in a second step against experimental data. Once the model returns satisfying results the fingering, the rupturing of the film, the spreading of the dry spots and the development of cellular structures within the liquid film will be investigated. These quantities are of particular importance in the case of spray cooling, where the integral length and dynamics of the contact lines are of major relevance to the for the area-related cooling capacity.


Apl. Prof. Dr. Sc. Tatiana Gambaryan-Roisman

Apl. Prof. Dr. Sc. Tatiana Gambaryan-Roisman

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Prof. Dr.-Ing. Peter Stephan

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Henrik Sontheimer, M.Sc.

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Christiane Schlawitschek, M.Sc.

Christiane Schlawitschek, M.Sc.

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