Gender equality

The SFB-TRR 75 is actively involved in providing equal opportunities for the genders. Young female scientists are supported in their academic careers, for example with workshops on different contents for the development of soft skills.

Also regular trainings on gender competence and teamwork in mixed gendered teams are to be held. These seminars are intended for all members of the collaborative research center.

The members of the SFB will also be supported in combining family responsibilities and a scientific career where needed. Therefore, the University of Stuttgart offers emergency childcare which is available at times when regular childcare is not sufficient, such as meetings, conferences etc.

We also strive to communicate the complex scientific issues in laymans terms; this is specifically addressed at prospective students (Science Day, Girls' Day, cooperation with schools).

For questions about equality in research projects in Stuttgart, the recently introduced Gender Consulting Service is now available. It provides advice and assistance in the development and implementation of measures for gender equality in research projects. In addition, projects on gender sensitivity and gender expertise are being developed.

Contact in Stuttgart
Dr. Ing. Grazia Lamanna
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Website Gender Equality, Website Pooling Synergies for equal opportunities

Contact in Darmstadt
Dr. Anna Laura Raschke
Tel.: +49 6151 16-26813